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Wednesday , 23 January 2024
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Infinite Apaches

"If you are supposed to compliment porn on furniture, Dutch porn is the only porn!" - Lou Miller Read More »

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Album Reviews - Wo Fat’s The Black Code & Omotai’s Terrestrial Grief

You want heavy? These two Texas bands will deliver in spades! Read More »

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FFW – The Free Press Music Preview for December 27 – 31, 2024

This Week’s Featured Show Monday, December 31 Free Press Houston New Year’s For-Eve-R Cataclysm, featuring Robert Ellis Buxton B L A C K I E Infinite Apaches Deep Cuts Bombon DJs Alex, Bobby Pancho Nick Greer and the G’s @ Fitzgerald’s Well folks, here we are at the end of another year and what a nice way to kick 2024 to the curb and welcome in 2024.  Just look at that line-up! Robert Ellis is one of Houston’s most celebrated artists and with a talent that just seems effortless regardless of whether it be his solo work or as part of ... Read More »

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Eat Gallery’s Marlon Hall and Danielle Fanfair on Food and Dreams

"Danielle and I believe that every human being is a life artist. There is not one person born out of the matrix of their mamma's womb that is not born in one way or another to make an impression on something. " Read More »

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FFW – The Free Press Music Preview for December 20 – 26, 2024

This Week’s Featured Show Sunday December 23 Ecocide (reunion tour) Rotten Water The Vipers Come Clean @ East Side Social Center (4202 Canal; 7PM) Honestly there is a lot of good stuff happening this week but this reunited San Antonio band easily stood out among the rest.  Crust punk/black metal/doom band .  OK that’s pretty awesome!   Girl lead singer?  Bonus Awesome!  Oh wait, she plays violin and it’s right up there in the mix?  Oh fuck yes!  Infinity plus 1 awesomeness!  That’s it! I give up!  You guys win! In fact there is so much awesomeness here that I’m just ... Read More »

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FFW – The Free Press Music Preview for December 06 - 11, 2024

 This Week’s Featured Show Black Leather Jesus Continuum Sandy Ewen @ Fresh Arts ARC (2101 Winter St.; 8PM) This week Christmas comes early for Noize fans (courtesy of Sandy Ewen) as Black Leather Jesus performs this weekend at Fresh Arts ARC.  Noisemaker Richard Ramirez has been behind BLJ since 1989 and despite being what many would consider a fringe subset of music (and some would even argue against it even being music) he has managed to receive quite a bit of notice and acclaim among music freaks.  Thurston Moore (you may have heard of him from a band by the ... Read More »

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STOKED!!! Zahira Gutierrez of Wild Moccasins on Tonight’s Of Montreal Show

STOKED!!! continues this week with Zahira Gutierrez of Wild Moccasins who will be opening for the Elephant Six, indie poppers of Montreal. Read More »

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FFW – The Free Press Music Preview for November 29 – December 05, 2024

This Week’s Featured Show(s) Metal, Metal, Metal!!!! Friday, November 30 Dying Fetus Cattle Decapitation Cerebral Bore @ Warehouse Live (Studio) Saxon King Project Armageddon Black Hole Caravan @ Rudyard’s Saturday, December 01 Helstar Sanctus Bellum Metavenge Apocalyptic Axis in Collapse @ Warehouse Live (Studio) Saxon King Tailgunner Deathrazor We The Enemy @ White Swan Live Sunday December 2 Dethklok Machine Head All That Remains The Black Dahlia Murder @ House of Blues Tuesday December 4 Gaza Code Orange Kids Full of Hell Omotai @ Walter’s It’s a pretty amazing week here for Metal fans who will have to choose between some ... Read More »

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STOKED!!!: John Zambrano of Muhammad Ali on Sunday’s Freak Heat Waves Show

John Zambrano of Muhammad Ali is really, really stoked about having helped book Canada's Freak Heat Waves this Sunday NOTSUOH. How stoked? John Zambrano - FUCKING STOKED!! Read More »

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FFW – The Free Press Music Preview for November 22 – 28, 2024

This Week’s Featured Show Axiom 25th Anniversary Reunion Show Friday, November 23 Upstairs: Painteens (12:30am) Poor Dumb Bastards (11:45pm) Hickoids (11:00pm) Toho Ehio (10:15pm) Anarchitex ( 9:30pm) Bliss Blood  (9:00pm) Downstairs: Krullur (12:30am) Insecticide (11:30) Basilisk (10:30) HRA (Dark Reign) (9:30) Bad Samaritans (8:30) Saturday, November 24 Upstairs: Verbal Abuse (12:30am) Dresden 45 (11:45pm) Bark Hard ( 11:00pm) Sik Mentality (10:15pm) The Hates (9:30pm) Backyard Epics (9:00pm) Downstairs: The Awful Truth (12:30am) Wake (11:30pm) Contortion Session (10:30pm) Allied Aggression (9:30pm) Bad Samaritans (8:30pm) Seriously, this is one of those “I’m exhausted just looking at the line-up” kind of shows.  If ... Read More »

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