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Wednesday , 23 January 2024
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Interview: Matthew Broussard, sculptor, comedian, boat shoes

VICTORY!  The battlefield, commonly referred to as “Houston’s Comedy scene”, is freshly littered with the destroyed entrails of his opponents… and now, Matthew Broussard, is all alone.  Newly crowned “Houston’s Funniest Person Contest” winner, Broussard stands with some of Houston’s finest comedians, such as: Ben Mowbray, Altimore Fields and Robin Weinburgh (yeah, me neither).  What’s a bit more fascinating is that Broussard, a youthful 24 years of age, won this competition of comedy on the one year anniversary of his first open mic performance. Hailing from all over but mostly Atlanta, this Rice University graduate of applied mathematics first caught ... Read More »

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A Pageant of the Automotively Weird: The 25th Anniversary of the Houston Art Car Parade

Betwixt the early afternoon hours of 1pm and 3pm on May 12 of this year, Allen Parkway will be crawling with vehicles affectionately referred to as… art cars.  But that’s the end of this story and not the beginning. Even if you’re not asking yourself, “What in the hell is an ‘art car’?”, I’m going to answer that question for you anyway.  An art car is any vehicle (lawnmower, golf cart, go-cart, unicycle, full-size motor vehicle, etc.) that has been physically modified to reflect the personal artistic expressions of the vehicle’s owner or the cartist.  That’s right- an art car ... Read More »

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War Profiteer Strikes Again… Bye Bye Houston Astros?

by Mills-McCoin Whenever I get the investigative itch, my father (a supreme genius in the field of economics) always reminds me to “find the money.”  And, of course, he’s always right.  The truth of any matter traditionally lies in the money-making or revenue-generating perspective. So when I heard that new Houston Astros owner, Jim Crane, announced his evil plot to change the name of our beloved baseball team, I nearly threw a baby dolphin at a nearby cactus.  The fury that swelled within me was similar to when AT&T cut my iPhone data speed by 75% (I could hear AT&T’s ... Read More »

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H-Town Chili Throw Down - ANYTHING GOES

by Mills McCoin When Texans combine two of our favorite things- fierce competition and chili- a certain spicy nirvana erupts and takes hold of the appetites of everyone in attendance. So if you think your chili recipe is the best around then come put it to the test this Saturday, January 28th, at Onion Creek Coffeehouse Bar Lounge (3106 White Oak) for the H-Town Chili Throwdown.  There’s a vote for the People’s Choice Award and the Grand Prize winner takes home $500.  Do you know how much ground beef you can buy for $500?  A great many pounds.   You don’t have ... Read More »

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“Entre Melon y Melambes…” G&T Goes Blogging While Intoxicated

Some would say it’s the Mexican equivalent of  “So a horse walks into a bar,” but it’s more like the beginning of a joke that ends with “The Aristocrats.” There are more Melon y Melambes jokes out there than exist in all of the “knock-knock” joke books we found in our censored elementary school libraries before we discovered a box full of Stephen King novels outside by a neighbor’s mailbox. There are bands, songs, and conventions with this name. These jokes have existed well before you may have found a William Peter Blatty novel at a garage sale and started ... Read More »

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Jay Rascoe (@GunsandTacos) Takes Us to Connie’s Seafood

When you pull into the parking lot of Connie’s Seafood, you’ll see an odd variety of vehicles. You might see a dropped Monte Carlo on dubs, a new Mercedes S500, and a Ram truck pinstriped with a pattern of Ram logos, parked next to one another. Blue collar families save their money to eat here as a special occasion, and white collars stop in as an escape from their sitcoms. Bright primary colors and handpainted signs abound, the interior is like walking into a recently painted kindergarten, with an unparalleled selection of toy-releasing quarter machines.  If you’re there on a ... Read More »

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