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Sunday , July 28 2024
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Hayes Carll Gets Freaky at Home


Whether you’ve personally experienced Californication, or you’ve spent a good chunk of time in Los Angeles, it haunts you. As the entertainment mecca, L.A. life shows up in nearly all music and film. Sure, you get a sprinkle of New York in there, but what about everything in between. You’ll find shots of the New York skyline, or surfers at the beach, or other scenes with weak parallels to our lives here. Well fuck California, what about Houston, and our reality? There haven’t been too many artists ruminating on our life on the third coast, but Hayes Carll is a Houston native that brings that perspective into his music. Speaking on his music Carll says, ” You write about what you see, the things that cross your mind…and then you wanna get out there and play it back to ‘em.” So Carll offers that hometown feel that every Texan’s been craving.

His folksy honky tonk sound feels about as Texas as two stepin’. Listeners prepare for a lot of rhythmic guitar paired with the twangy, scratchy, soothing voice of Carll. The music ranges from slower story telling to boot stomping ho down jams. Clips of Hayes Carll’s SXSW performance of Stomp and Holler can be found at this link.

At the House of Blues, Friday December 28th, Hayes Carll is putting on Hayes Carll’s Burlesque Circuis and Sideshow Freakout and he’s expecting you to dress up.  At his recent Cactus Music appearance he explained how he likes to throw big theme parties, but has been disappointed in the past with the lack of participation. Apparently, he’s the guy to talk to if you need a toga for an Animal House style concert. Yet this has not deterred him from throwing theme concerts, like his Circus and Sideshow Freakout Concert coming up in Houston. After all that holiday family time, your inner freak must be dying for a breath of fresh air and the Hayes Carll concert is perfect timing. So wear your freakiest, gnarliest, sexiest badass costume you can put together, or simply be entertained by those brave enough to do so. There will be prizes for the best costumes, so nearly naked girls will be rewarded formally. Doors open at 8 pm, and the show starts at 9 pm.

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