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Friday , 8 March 2024
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By: Bill Lambert* Something is happening in local activism.  Protest and civil disobedience arrests are mounting in Houston– totaling more than 100– in just dozens of actions over the past year.  Haven’t heard about it? You’re not alone.  Here’s a re-cap: October 11- 150 people rallied at the Mickey Leland Federal Building, leading to 8 arrests of activists with Jobs Not Cuts.  Protesters were motivated by soaring unemployment and the votes by local representatives that shelved a jobs bill.  The action was inspired in part by Occupy Wall Street and included members of Occupy Houston, Good Jobs=Great Houston, and other Community Groups.  They were met by 50 ... Read More »

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Natalie Plummer Arrest Protest to be Held Saturday

By: Erin Dyer Houstonian Natalie Plummer was arrested on Thursday, June 21, for standing on the sidewalk and holding a paper sign. While riding her bike down West Dallas on her way home from the grocery store, Plummer noticed HPD pulling over cars that were allegedly speeding. She took videotape of this happening near downtown because she believed HPD was wrongly pulling over random people that were not even speeding. In attempt to prevent any other drivers from being pulled over, Plummer created a sign that read, “Speed Trap!!” and held it up to cars that passed by while she ... Read More »

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Another Weekend, Another Noise Ordinance Arrest

By: Erin Dyer Houston’s Woodland Heights resident and homeowner, Lauren Garcia, 30, is fully aware and educated about Houston’s new noise ordinance. When she was arrested on her own property she decided to speak up and warn her fellow Houstonians about how far the Houston Police Department is willing to take this noise ordinance and stretch their power as law enforcers. Garcia hosted her thirtieth birthday party at her house a few blocks outside of the Houston Heights on June 9. HPD crashed her birthday celebration around 11pm on account of an outdoor DJ playing loud music. After moving the ... Read More »

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