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Friday , 8 March 2024
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Janitors Strike for Justice After Potential Stripping of Healthcare Benefits, Misconduct, and Harassment by Employers

By: Erin Dyer For a month and counting, Houston janitors have been protesting and holding one-day strikes in attempts to attract attention to their cause: producing change in treatment, as well as improvement of wages and benefits. Tuesday night, July 10, hundreds of janitors around the city walked off the job and have committed that they will not return until they are granted a fair contract. This is the first citywide janitor strike since 2024, and is expected to escalate– even possibly spreading to other cities. Most Houston janitors earn less than $9,000 annually. This number is less than half ... Read More »

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Natalie Plummer Arrest Protest to be Held Saturday

By: Erin Dyer Houstonian Natalie Plummer was arrested on Thursday, June 21, for standing on the sidewalk and holding a paper sign. While riding her bike down West Dallas on her way home from the grocery store, Plummer noticed HPD pulling over cars that were allegedly speeding. She took videotape of this happening near downtown because she believed HPD was wrongly pulling over random people that were not even speeding. In attempt to prevent any other drivers from being pulled over, Plummer created a sign that read, “Speed Trap!!” and held it up to cars that passed by while she ... Read More »

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Protesting Janitors Treated Unfairly by HPD

By: Erin Dyer On Thursday, June 14, more than 450 people congregated in Downtown Houston for a peaceful protest. Most of these protestors that gathered are the men and women who mop the floors, take out the trash, sanitize restrooms, and do the dirty clean-up work at corporations such as JP Morgan Chase, Marathon Oil, KBR, Shell, Continental, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, El Paso, and CenterPoint Energy. Forbes Magazine ranks Houston as America’s fastest growing Millionaire city– this means its millionaire growth rate is higher than that of the New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. There are currently 96,700 millionaires in ... Read More »

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