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Friday , 1 February 2013
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Slave to the Rave

For some people, partying is just not enough. All the alcohol and all the drugs and all the loud obnoxious music that only exists for that moment is just not enough to quench the beast inside of so many young adults out there.

Leon casino, That beast, that party monster, if you will, has been rattling the cage for a while, and this Saturday it may be time to answer the call.

This Saturday, December 15th, starting at 9pm and probably ending when someone actually raves themselves into the grave, which we hope isn’t the case, you’ll be able to Rave to the Grave at Fitzgerald’s.

The theme of the party is to dress like a disaster from the Club Kid scene, which, if you aren’t familiar with, is the premise of the cult classic, Party Monster.

If you’ve never seen the movie Party Monster, then some of the humor and excitement behind this event may be lost on you. You can remedy that dilemma rather easily if you have Netflix and a couple of hours to spare. Just carve out a little alone time and watch the movie tonight, tomorrow, never or whenever to get an idea of what this shindig is all about.

The idea for the party started with the movie, but the history behind the concept of Club Kids goes beyond the film itself. If you don’t know what a Club Kid looks like, try Googling Michael Alig, James St. James or Leigh Bowery for a good indication of what to expect on Saturday.

The rave will be hosted at Fitzgerald’s, and will feature musical performances from Max Xandaux, including a performance of the song from the Party Monster Dallas club scene, in drag.

Two DJ’s from Houston, Bobby DJ and Fredster, as well as a performance from Voidmate will round out the evenings musical experience. Houston hipster Brooke Bechtel will be the emcee for the evening, and we have it on good authority that she will be  notably “fabulous” throughout the night.

There will be a costume contest, and the winner will receive a cash prize, as well as probably being photographed a lot by Robert MacCready. Good luck explaining those pictures to your boss/kids/folks/etc.

Maryoceane Guy, the party’s planner, said, “This is going to be different than most shit that goes on every weekend in hipster world, so take advantage of it. Leave your drugs at the door, invite your friends, and dress fabulous,” adding, “if there ever was a time to let it all go, it’s tonight.”

We can’t imagine what kind of insanity the evening will bring, but we hope everyone drinks lots of water.  Good luck getting the glitter off!

You can learn more about the event and RSVP via Facebook here. 


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