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Sunday , 17 March 2013
You are here: Home > Featured > Album Quickie: A Place to Bury Strangers - Onward to the Wall EP

Album Quickie: A Place to Bury Strangers - Onward to the Wall EP

By Jack Daniel Betz

Leon casino, I’ve been waiting a good, long, time to hear more from APTBS, ever since I caught them opening for The Big Pink two years ago. The Brooklyn band hasn’t released much else since 2010 but sadly, half of this EP is more catalog filler than anything else.

The fluttering bass line of “I lost you” gets lost in the noise because there’s no dynamic contrast. The title track is equally aimless at times but does at least include some sexy female vocals.

“Nothing Will Surprise Me” is catchy enough at first boasting its chugga chugga choo choo snare backbeat but the fuzzy songwriting makes the product so oblique in the end that it’s forgotten.

“So far Away” works. It’s got a decent core.

The closer, “Drill it Up”, fills me with some hope too. A buzzing, highly distinguishable bass riff cuts through the din and isn’t crowded out by too much unnecessary clutter. Vocals are easy to hear too.

Let’s hope these are on the EP because they’re not quite up to snuff for the LP. Noise is necessary for noise rock but not just any old noise. Pull it together, guys.

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