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Wednesday , 23 January 2024
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Hometown Blues Heroes: Luther and The Healers


Luther and The Healers

“The life of a musician is truly a labor of love.”-Luther Rada

Dubbed “The Hardest Working Band in Texas,” Luther and the Healers is a homegrown blues band that breathes the essential aspects of blues music. Luther and the Healers is set to perform at the Big Easy Social and Pleasure Club every Thursday night excluding the last Thursday of the month.

Established in 1991, Luther and the Healers is Texas Blues at its finest. Their synchronized, swinging piano and guitar chords backed by a classic blues bass line perfectly complements Luther’s raspy lyrical styles. Made up of front man Luther Rada, Barry, KC and Randy this group performs over 300 shows a year and are available upon request for private events.

Inspired by artists ranging from Muddy Waters, to Jimi Hendrix, to Thelonius Monk, to Etta James, to Anthony Hamilton, frontman Luther Rada describes live music, and the satisfaction of blues in this way, “Through artistic expression of any kind the musician and the audience can together at least temporarily transcend the trials and tribulations of their every day lives.”

When asked what he would change about the music scene, Luther replied, “When I was a kid the radio stations played a very broad spectrum of musical styles.. I’d love to see our society honor and embrace musicians and artists instead of embracing computer generated music and karaoke bars.” This show is an experience that only live blues can deliver; so come ease your cares of the day with Luther and the Healers.

The shows will be held at Houston’s very own Big Easy Social and Pleasure Club starting at 7 p.m., no cover charge. This venue is a consistent winner of the People’s Choice Award for Best Blues venue in Houston and  promotes blues six nights a week with Sundays set aside exclusively for Zydeco.

For more information on Luther and the Healers visit www.lutherandthehealers.com or for information on the Big Easy Social and Pleasure Club visit www.bigeasyblues.com.

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