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Tuesday , 29 January 2024
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I Wanna See You Go Wild: A Video Scavenger Hunt


Think you and your pals have what it takes to win the wildest scavenger hunt race that USA has ever witnessed? Come participate and be apart of a pilot for a potential television show that is highly interested in by top dog production companies in Los Angeles!

A competition of young adults on a fast paced quest in a video scavenger hunt race performing asinine stunts and tasks to gain points to win. In this game there are no decisions on morality and behavior for Sunday’s best, because it will not get you anywhere. This is the game where the disapproved wins so toss your morals out the window because they don’t exist.

This is the greatest scavenger hunt that television has ever witnessed. This is a hunt where Fear Factor meets Jackass meets The Amazing Race. Three teams are pitted against each other to perform questionable and entertaining tasks that are on the list for points to win this double-edged sword race.

Teams choose their own team name and dress in uniform of their choose. They’ve got four hours to complete as many tasks as they possibly can before the race is over. The teams will choose their team captain and a camera man will be with each team documenting their tasks.

Each episode will have a different scavenger hunt list giving the viewer something different to watch on every episode. These tasks are graded by level of difficulty. While sucking on a stranger’s toes is gross and easy,it will reward the hunter five points. Having a homeless man join your team will increase twenty points due to difficulty. Also if a task calls for a nude game of Twister for twenty five points, you could gain eight more if you have a stranger join your nude game of shenanigans. The teams will be up against time, the other teams, the city, and most importantly their selves. How far are they willing to go to win this hunt? Your team are your own coaches to motivate and test your limit of crudeness. This is a game that will crack the shells of the competitors and the viewers. Allowing them to express their selves in a way that they never could before, because it was never allowed. For the viewer this will inspire them to open up and do something that they are afraid to do such as go sky diving, karaoke at a bar, or even simply encouraging one to be more social with strangers. After all, how hard would it be now to introduce yourself to a cute girl when a competitor had a stranger make out with you? In this scavenger hunt race we want to see them go wild. The greatness of this game is that everyone has a different mind set on what they will do on the list. While some may feel comfortable about opening up and kissing the same sex, another person might enjoy the stunts and physical tasks that are on the list such as getting the name of the television show tattooed on their body or getting the oddest body part pierced. Which in the piercing task a team would get additional points if they had the oddest body part pierced. The list will have one hundred ludicrous tasks. A hunter may find the following on the list:

- Have a minister marry two team mates (10 points)
- Seran wrap a vehicle (7 points)
- Go to a venue where a band is performing and with your team perform a song using their equipment on stage in front of a live audience (20 points)
- Crowd surf inside a restaurant with customer participation (11 points) Add +5 if a waiter surfs with you
- Shave your head (17 points)
- Streak naked (12 points)
- One team mate eat a whole stick of butter (8 points)
- Receive a surprise celebrity phone call (15 points)
- Put a scoop of ice cream in your sock and smack it across your team mate’s face (9 points)
- Prank call your boss (15 points)
- Karaoke to Kelly Clarkson (10 points) +5 if audience applauses the performance
- Kidnap an opposite team member (25 points) If done they are now an official member of your team
- Be a statue for one full minute in a very busy, but odd location (5 points)
- Perform stand up comedy in front of a live audience (7 points)
- Have a shot of liquor with a police officer (10 points)
- Skinny dip in a pool with whole team (12 points)
- In a bar have a competition with your team to see who’s got the greatest bare ass (15 points)
- Winner of bare ass competition xerox 10 copies of their butt and post them in the city (10 points)
- Find a celebrity, ask for an autograph, and then eat the autograph in front of them (20 points)
- Whole team give each other hickies (12 points)
- Play hide and go seek at a stranger’s home with the owner of the home finding your team (19 points)
- Make Easter eggs (9 points)
- Paint team’s face like KISS or Blue Man Group (12 points)
- A signed pornography mag from the manager of a grocery store (12 points)
- Get “Scavenger Hunt” tattooed on your body. (40 points)
- All team’s shoes tossed on a power line (30 points)
- Shave your eyebrows (16 points)
- Go to a grocery store and while someone is shopping put their food back up on the shelves. (10 points)
- Have a woman give a team mate a wedgie (5 points)
- Two team mates have a 3 legged race for the remainder of the race within one hour of time starting (15 points)
- Go to a bar and serve your self your own drink (15 points)

Once the hunt is over all teams must report to Mango’s. For each one minute that a team is late five points will be deducted from their score. Scores will be counted and winner receives a large oversized check.

Meet at Menil Park at 6pm to register and to receive the hunt list. Once the hunt is over we all all end the hunt at Mango’s where there will be food and drinks for everyone.

$10 per person to hunt and five per team

$7 for non hunters to join after party where many free grab bags will be provided at door from dvds, cds, and more. First 20 people who arrive get in free.

Square and Compass, Muhammad Ali, Clock Pole, Commie Hilfiger will perform as well as screens around the venue of various past hunts and the night’s hunt.

In order for your team to have their video played at the after party please message me so that we can be sure to have the right connections. Thanks! jacobcalle@gmail.com

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