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Tuesday , 23 July 2024
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A New Space for Space



By Laura Coburn

The streets of Montrose are bursting with unique and quirky stores that make the neighborhood among the most vibrant in Houston. One Montrose favorite, Space, has been open since December 2024 and is overflowing with U.S. hand-made art, jewelry, clothing, and knickknacks galore.

The store near the corner of Dunlavy and Westheimer has been a huge success, but this year was unable to renew their lease with their landlord, Dan Fergus, who also owns Café Brasil next door. Space owners Leila and Carlos Peraza must now pack up their many, many things within the next month. They have signed their new lease and are ready to transition into their brand new space, located just across the street from their original location and just next door to a new, gourmet bakery.

“I’m really positive about it,” Leila Peraza says about the move. “And I feel like it’s going to be for the best for us.”

But with every new exciting phase come a few challenges. Leila Peraza says that their biggest challenges during this transition are financial. The building is brand new and still requires maintenance, flooring, plumbing and more to prepare for the grand opening.

The Perazas have started a campaign through Indiegogo, a site used as a platform for companies to fundraise. Their goal is to raise $20,000 and they are offering participants various prizes as incentive to help out. The owners have also organized a raffle in the store with $2,000 worth of art donated by their artists, including Tim Doyle and Nicky Davis.

With some support from its customers and the community, Space will be ready to reopen with all that the original shop has to offer and even more. Currently Space represents 130 artists in the store, 60 of whom are local. Peraza says that they will keep working with all of the same artists, but plan to add even more to the team to share their own unique crafts.

“I think the most interesting part of Space is not about one particular artist, but it’s about coming in here and being able to hear the story behind the artist when you love something,” Peraza says. “So it’s about finding that connection to a piece and for us to be able to tell you who made it, why it was made, and what inspired that piece.”

While Pareza ensures that the shop will keep its charm, it is going to feel a little different. “We have some really big ideas to make the space beautiful for you guys,” she says enthusiastically.

“I’m just excited to share the new store with the community,” Peraza says. “We plan to stay in Houston for as long as you guys will have us.”


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