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Friday , 8 March 2024
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Doomsday Wrestling Presents: TEXtravaganza!


For a decade now, our world has been saved countless times by a group of heroes. They’ve saved us from economic collapse, malicious sentient computers, gigantic armadillos, and they have even protected us from themselves. Most of us were born without super powers. Not all of us, but most of us. Maybe that elusiveness would explain our fascination with super beings throughout history.

The time has come again when our world is in need of salvation, when the heroes must come again and fix the mess that we lowly humans have created. This Saturday, you’ll be able to join the masses in cheering on the heroic warriors of Doomsday Wrestling as they battle for the fate of the world.

Doomsday Wrestling is presenting TEXtravaganza—a comedic wrestling celebration of Texas Independence Day. Doomsday Wrestling is essentially a parody of professional wrestling, complete with absurd characters and even loonier storylines.

An example of an average evening with Doomsday Wrestling consists of death, resurrection, the use of magical powers, time travel, giant armadillos, and the loser of a match between two macho men is forced to receive a boob job.

Greg Vallot founded Doomsday Wrestling in 2024, right here in Houston. For almost 10 years, they’ve used DW as a creative outlet, and a means to adding even more edge to Houston’s nightlife.

Houston Press named Doomsday Wrestling the “Best Comedy Show” and “Best Place to See Real Fake Wrestling”. Audience members are given projectiles to throw during the show (like cheese puffs), and with a their catch phrase “Violence has never been this funny,” you know that you are in for a night of hysterical laughter and comradery.

I caught a Doomsday Wrestling show at Comicpalooza a few years ago, and distinctly remember my favorite wrestler of that event, the KGBeast. It feels great to enjoy something so absurd and silly, especially with lots of other people riding the same wave.

TEXtravaganza is this Saturday, at Numbers. The doors open at 8pm, and the show is all ages. If you are looking for a laugh this weekend, you’ve found it in Doomsday Wrestling. Expect a mad rush of adrenaline and enough laughs to make your cheeks sore!

Visit their Facebook page here, and the event page here.

Doomsday Wrestling
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