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October 24, 2024 – 9:45 am | No Comment

Black Math Experiment understood one thing very well - how to make a ruckus. You could love them or you could hate them, but, damn it, they were never going to allow you to ignore …

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Rewind - The Mathletes Vs. Houston Record release at Fitzgeralds 08/13/2011
August 15, 2024 – 10:00 am | No Comment
Rewind – The Mathletes Vs. Houston Record release at Fitzgeralds 08/13/2011

Saturday night had some pretty decent options.  Bummerfest looked like a hoot but I ended up deciding to go to Fitz for the Mathletes album release just because, as it should be apparent from my …

Music with Jameson & Lone: New Year’s Eve at Indie Houston World Headquarters 12/31/2008
January 5, 2024 – 3:01 am | No Comment

I remember having a conversation with April 5K a while back about the music scene. Her basic premise was that there has been a sea change in the scene with an old wave is finding …

November 11, 2024 – 5:40 pm | No Comment

By Omar Afra
Photo by S. Theriot
B L A C K I E has taken to the local music scene with a vengeance in recent months. His self-release of Wilderness of North America has been getting …

Music with Jameson & Lone Star: Fall Westheimer Blockparty 10/11/2008
October 13, 2024 – 2:01 am | No Comment

I hope you guys had as much fun as I had this Saturday. I sure had a blast listening to great music, running into just about everyone I know, and it’s nice to see Westheimer …

Spring 2024 Westheimer Survives Yet Another Block Party
April 14, 2024 – 12:45 am | No Comment

No Beer or Jameson fueled review this week folks. This week I’m keepin‘ it straight edge. But even if you weren’t abstaining, I hope you were able to make it out yesterday to the Block …