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October 20, 2024 – 10:28 am | No Comment

This Week’s Featured Show

Friday October 21
Hell City Kings
LP/CD Release Party
TeXXXaSGhost Town Electric
The Freakouts
@ Fitzgerald’s
Well,  Say what you want about the Hell City Kings but damn if they don’t know how to promote a record release …

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Article Archive for December 2024

Music with Jameson & Lone Star: 2024 Recap In One Hour - GO!
December 30, 2024 – 3:01 am | No Comment

Since I’ve been taking a holiday break from live reviews, I figure I should roll through some of the stuff that I’ve dug this year. This is not intended to be all-encompassing. Hell, right off …

The Music Crumudgeon’s preview for the final week of 2024
December 26, 2024 – 3:01 am | No Comment

Saturday, December 27Benefit for Airon Paul Dugas, featuring Paris Falls, Dannzig, Guitars, Teenage Kicks, Friendship, Wild Moccasins, & more @ Walter’s on Washington(8PM $10 Door -Free Keg and Free …

The Music Crumudgeon’s preview for the Week of December 19th, 2024
December 18, 2024 – 3:01 am | No Comment

Dang! You guys HAVE been good boys and girls!Normally, I pick one show or two to spotlight but this week is so utterly crazy that it is literally impossible to …

Music with Jameson & Lone Star: Sleeping in The Aviary, Dizzy Pilot, Hearts of Animals at Walters 12/13/2009
December 15, 2024 – 10:22 am | No Comment

It wasn’t until I got to Walter’s on Saturday that I realized I’d forgotten to charge my camera’s batteries and to bring my handy dandy notebook so this will be a somewhat brief review and …

The Music Crumudgeon’s preview for the Week of December 12th, 2024
December 12, 2024 – 3:01 am | No Comment

This Week’s Spotlight Is On
Metal at the River Oaks TheatreFriday, December 12thInsidious Decrepancy, Funeral Rites@ River Oaks Theatre (FREE - Midnight)I know what you are saying. You’re amused by this show because it’s a funny …

Take Five - with Sleeping In The Aviary
December 11, 2024 – 10:14 am | No Comment

Madison, Wisconsin’s Sleeping in the Aviary first album “Oh, This Thing?” was a refreshing blast of poppy up-beat low-fi indie rock so it was quite a surprise to hear their new album “Expensive Vomit in …

I Voted….in the 2024 Sammies. Did you?
December 10, 2024 – 7:27 am | No Comment

Have you voted and done your civic duty? Well, I have and I suggest you do too. This year’s Sammies over at The Skyline Network is actually a pretty damn good slice of this year’s …

Local albums make me happy. Mostly.
December 9, 2024 – 11:54 am | No Comment

By Omar Afra
Woozy Helmet
Get Down
Get Down is an apt title for this album. Ha-ha. Not funny. OK. Anyways, Woozy Helmet is one of the most crunktastic things in the state of Texas and this album …

Tonight Petr & The Wolf, listenlisten, Wild Moccasins, Sew What and FIRE!!!
December 9, 2024 – 3:01 am | No Comment

You’d think I would have mentioned this in my Friday preview but for some reason I was mistakenly under the impression that this was next week. D’OH! No worries consider this your heads …

Music with Jameson & Lone Star: Saturday Dec. 6th a night of Hardcore and Pop.
December 8, 2024 – 3:01 am | No Comment

Yeah, it’s gonna be a good night when the first thing you encounter on your way to the White Swan is a van parked in the street with the overwhelming smell of pot and sound …