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October 20, 2011 – 10:28 am | No Comment
This Week’s Featured Show

Leon casino, Friday October 21
Hell City Kings
LP/CD Release Party
TeXXXaSGhost Town Electric
The Freakouts
@ Fitzgerald’s
Well,  Say what you want about the Hell City Kings but damn if they don’t know how to promote a record release …

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Article Archive for April 2009

What you will be doing tonight!
April 21, 2009 – 6:55 am | No Comment

OK my schedule is such that I’m likely going to miss this but you should totally go. Tonight Mike Watt - one of my musical heroes - is playing Rudyard’s. The guy puts …

It’s My Party.
April 8, 2009 – 12:42 pm | No Comment

So, I missed this “oh-so-legendary” Jandek show at Rudyard’s thanks to the chain on my husband’s bike just not cooperating with us. Well, I HATE funk (not fun), so I don’t think I missed much …

tomfoolery down houston way
April 7, 2009 – 9:09 am | No Comment

Photo by Major Miller
Text by Amye McCarther
[note this isn’t a formal review - just an e-mail Amye sent out to her friends overseas. I asked her if I could reprint it here and she gave …

No Foolin’.
April 1, 2009 – 11:18 am | No Comment

So yeah, it’s April Fool’s Day. I hate April Fool’s Day. Being named April, people think that it’s extraordinarily clever to riff on that fact every April 1st of my life. I think it’s pretty …