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October 20, 2011 – 10:28 am | No Comment
This Week’s Featured Show

Leon casino, Friday October 21
Hell City Kings
LP/CD Release Party
TeXXXaSGhost Town Electric
The Freakouts
@ Fitzgerald’s
Well,  Say what you want about the Hell City Kings but damn if they don’t know how to promote a record release …

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Article Archive for July 2007

Chelsea Miller - Self-Titled
July 13, 2007 – 11:51 am | No Comment

Chelsea Miller Self-titled
After a surprise sold-out show at Anderson Fair this past weekend, Missouri City’s, Chelsea Miller should start garnering serious attention around the Texas folk/ singer-songwriter scene. Chelsea Miller’s new, self-titled album is a …

Jana Hunter - There’s no Home
July 13, 2007 – 11:36 am | No Comment

Jana HunterThere’s no Home
Ok. This album has gotten WAY too much press. Whenever someone becomes the media darling for little reason they need to get called out. This sordid amalgamation of poorly written melodies and …

Riff Tiffs
July 13, 2007 – 11:30 am | No Comment

Riff TiffsAfflictinnitus
Seen the Riff Tiffs live? You should. This band is masters of slowly building a crescendo without prematurely ejaculation. (Sorry for the lewd comparison but it was the most fitting thing I could come …

Sidebar Reviews
July 13, 2007 – 11:29 am | No Comment

By Him and Shelby
Generic TribeThe Dressmaker, The Drone, and the Yellow
This 26 track album makes 7 for the Generic Tribe. The band is known for genre-bouncing and does so with utter fluidity on the …

Homegrown - Local Record Reviews
July 13, 2007 – 11:24 am | No Comment

Arthur Yoria
Handshake Smiles
Review by Jeremy Hart
I’ve never met a musician, from Houston or anywhere else, who can reinvent themselves as effortlessly from album to album as Arthur Yoria seems to. Just when I think I’ve …