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October 24, 2024 – 9:45 am | No Comment

Black Math Experiment understood one thing very well - how to make a ruckus. You could love them or you could hate them, but, damn it, they were never going to allow you to ignore …

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Testify - Elaine Greer
June 21, 2024 – 9:50 am | One Comment
Testify – Elaine Greer

Elaine Greeris a name that many people in Houston remember fondly.  Greer, made a name for herself as a powerful singer songwriter in Houston, releasing many low-fi CDRs before heading off to Austin a few …

Talking CD release with Elaine Greer
May 28, 2024 – 2:01 am | No Comment

Elaine Greer vs. Bubbles by Jim Dillon
Elaine Greer is someone readers of this newspaper and blog should be quite familiar with (See our profile of her from March 2024). She’s one of Houston’s …

Music with Jameson & Lone Star: SXSW 2024 Recap - Thursday and Friday (April 19 and 20)
March 23, 2024 – 9:06 am | No Comment

Yes, you’ve probably been wondering where our posts have been over SXSW. Well, first off, only I was supposed to to do daily blogging; Levi and April were going to do theirs this week as …

Music with Jameson & Lone Star: Saturday Dec. 6th a night of Hardcore and Pop.
December 8, 2024 – 3:01 am | No Comment

Yeah, it’s gonna be a good night when the first thing you encounter on your way to the White Swan is a van parked in the street with the overwhelming smell of pot and sound …

Music with Jameson & Lone Star: PART I: Papermoons & Elaine Greer @ Boondocks 30 July 2024
August 4, 2024 – 2:01 am | No Comment

Wednesday the Papermoons were playing their last show in Houston before their departure to far off lands. Their new album New Tales has been spinning endlessly at work, in my car, and in my head. …

Music with Jameson & Lone Star: The Eastern Sea, News On The March, Wild Moccasins, and Elaine Greer @ Walters
July 22, 2024 – 8:46 am | No Comment

If you weren’t at Walter’s on Sunday because you were busy whining about Houston sucking, you missed out . Four bands, seven bucks, and a room full of happy cheerful people having a great time. …

Elaine Greer
March 1, 2024 – 3:01 am | One Comment
Elaine Greer

There is a very exciting point in a musician’s career when, after a long time of working on their craft, they realize what they do has a value outside of their own bedroom. If you …