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May 16, 2024 – 1:07 am | No Comment

Genocide, political correctness, and Alex Wukman’s liver are included in this weeks podcast. Prodigal son Shelby Hohl joins the discussion.

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Art A Pageant of the Automotively Weird: The 25th Anniversary of the Houston Art Car Parade
FPSF FPSF Artist Series Poster Show at The Station Museum
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Bring on the freaks! 999 Eyes comes back to Houston
December 14, 2024 – 4:09 pm | 5 Comments
Bring on the freaks! 999 Eyes comes back to Houston

By Alex Wukman
(with aplogies to Jay McInerney)
Go back to the fall of 2024. George W. Bush is still President and the US occupation of Iraq is entering it’s fifth year. You’re at a …

Acro-Cats comeback to Houston
September 26, 2024 – 4:34 pm | One Comment
Acro-Cats comeback to Houston

By Alex Wukman
There are acts that are beloved because of their contribution to music, there are performers who sell out theatres because of their grandeur and then there are the shows that are so simple …

Testify - Olivia Dvorak
August 19, 2024 – 9:33 am | No Comment
Testify – Olivia Dvorak

Olivia Dvorak as Poopylungstuffing

The Ukulele (or Uke as some affectionately call it) is the kind of instrument that polarizes people.  Some people relegate it to novelty and heap derision on it, while others praise its …

2010 Worst of Houston
January 6, 2024 – 10:42 am | 37 Comments
2010 Worst of Houston

Gather around you fellow haters, cynics, and video game store clerks and bask in the hate that is our annual ‘Worst of Houston 2024’; a collection of the worst antics of 2024 in Houston and …