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Billy: The Human Billboard

Submitted by admin on July 8, 2024 – 11:16 am2 Comments

What would you do for a buck? Run naked freely through Montrose? Punch Bryan Jackson in the face, or maybe even get web addresses tattooed on your face? That’s what Billy Gibby did. He has companies pay him X amount of money to advertise their companies on his face. To get that new X Box 360? Nope. To buy that new 59 inch platinum gold flat screen tv? Nu-uh. To buy that rad jet ski that Kenny Powers skis on in East Bound & Down? Not even close. So why does he do it? To survive.

Jacob: You are a human billboard. What will you do when the internet no longer exists or when a site goes under.

Billy: If that ever happens where the internet doesnt exist anymore then I will just keep the tattoo ads. They are a part of me now and I will keep them forever, well maybe not forever because when I am dead someday I won’t have skin so at that time there will be no more tattoo advertising for me.
Jacob: You’ve got The Zombie guy who has tattooed his whole body to look like rotting flesh. You on the other hand have websites on your body including the word “porn” on your cheek. What motivates one to do such an extremity that once you go forward there is no turning back.

Billy: Survival is what motivates me to do what I do. Times are hard now and I decided to go back to tattoo advertising after getting laid off from work and my family and I were facing eviction. I looked for jobs, but there was nothing I could do that would help stop us from being homeless and  I thought, “Okay, I will do tattoo advertising again.”

Jacob: On that note you have sold your kidney to a woman in California?

Billy: I never sold my kidney to anyone that’s against the law. I donated my kidney to her I would never sell an organ or blood. I do it to help people and try to better the lives of others.
Jacob: Well aren’t you a lil’ modern day philanthropist! Just how much blood have you donated?

Billy: Don’t know what I am. I just know I want to do some good while I am alive. We all do things we’re not happy about, but we all have the power to try to do some good also and that’s all I am trying to do. I have donated 27 gallons of blood platelets so far. I would like to donate over 100 gallons in my life total.

Jacob: So after your kidney was taken out you ran a marathon and won the race while your stitches busted. Fill me in on this story.

Billy: A few weeks after donating my kidney I ran a 5K running race. I know it was stupid, but I just wanted to see if I could do it. I wish I could run a marathon. I did end up winning the 5K which was cool except throughout the race blood was dripping down my leg. I had to go to the hospital after the race and get more stitches and antibiotics for infection of the incision site.

Jacob: Whoa, that’s integrity. I’m pretty sure the movie, “Seven Pounds” starring Academy Award winning Will Smith is your favorite film right?

Billy: I do love that movie a lot. I am doing a lot of what I do for similar reasons to why he did what he did in the film. I feel like I have done some things in my life that I regret. I want to make good, help people now, and try to be a better person. Most of all, I want to make the lives of others better.

Jacob: Just how much have you made total off of your advertisements?

Billy: I haven’t made very much. Let’s  just say that,  I do it to survive and to provide for my kids.

Jacob: So I’m assuming that you are in contract to have your shirt off at all times since you’ve got web addresses on your chest as well right?

Billy: No. I don’t have to have my shirt off at all times. Thank God! I’d die. I live in Alaska. Sometimes it’s 20 below 0.

Jacob: I’m sorry to intrude into your personal love life, but how is the sex life?

Billy: It’s good.  It’s more than good. Well, I think it’s good. Is having sex on an average of two times a day good?

Jacob: Go Billy! Okay, say I were to open an online female sex shop. How much would it cost to get my site tattooed on your penis? Would it get high traffic or should I just hire a sign spinnin’ monkey?

Billy: No comment. My women would destroy my life if I made any comment or joke. And I would rather that not happen. My final tattoo ad that I plan to do in my life will be a tattoo ad on my penis. I want to save my last tattoo ad for the best spot on my body or one of the most important parts of my body. (laughs) Hopefully that spot will get the most money because to me that’s my most valuable area on my body.

Jacob: I know this should have been my first question, but all these questions were flowing all out at once. So how did you get into the advertisement business?

Billy: I got started in tattoo advertising before I donated my kidney. I was working at Sam’s Club at the time. I didn’t have money saved up to pay my bills while I was recovering from surgery. That’s when I had seen a boxer wear a temp tattoo ad into the ring and I thought okay, “If he can do a temp ad I can do the real thing.” I contacted that website and they decided to advertise and that gave me enough money to pay my bills while I recovered from surgery. I then flew to California and donated my kidney.

Jacob: I’m really into Twitter. How much would it cost to put my twitter address on your hand to up my followers so that more people can know what I am doing at every minute of the day?

Billy: I would do that for $2,000.  Lets git-r-done!
Jacob: You know the old saying “A face only a mother could love” right? What’s your mom say about your tattoos?

Billy: I am not sure? I would have to kill myself in order to ask her and I don’t want to die yet.
Jacob: Crap. So I’m the asshole. Sorry. So what about holidays with the family? I’m sure your younger cousins want to know why you’ve got the word “porn” on your face? How do you explain this to little Lester?

Billy: My family has a good sense of humor and we love to joke around all the time. We all believe that you need to joke around and enjoy life and never be to serious. Unless you’re having a heart attack then it’s cool to be serious.

Jacob: Other than your web-tats do you own any personal tattoos on your body? Any tribes or mom tats?

Billy: My first tattoo was the emblem for the Pontiac Firebird. That was my favorite car and it was my first car.
Jacob: Cool, so your first tat still involves advertisement. Are you ever paid to go to sporting events and run through the field shirtless so that the television can capture it?

Billy: I have never been paid to do that, but I am open to the idea for any company that’s reading this. Let’s make this happen!
Jacob: What are some of the common stipulations that go in on a contract to get ad space on your body?

Billy: That I never remove the tattoo ad is the main one and when asked about the websites I tell people what the website is about.
Jacob: Sounds easy. What type of site would you not put on your body?

Billy: I would not put a website on my body that was in anyway racist. Other than that I am pretty much open to anything.
Jacob: You want people to gawk at you on the street or in a store while picking up some smokes. Otherwise your tat-adz isn’t working. What are some of your most memorable encounters with the random public.

Billy: I love the reaction of some older people. They really look at me like, “What the heck is going on?” Young people think it is so cool and actually most everyone has been pretty cool about it.

Jacob: Does Liberty Tax do your taxes now for free? What about that porn site? You get that unlimited password right?

Billy: I do get my taxes done for free for life and man Liberty tax service does a good job I mean they make getting your taxes done fun.
Jacob: So I take you’re not going to give me those passwords. So anyways, I don’t own a business, but I’m really into going into bathrooms and scribbling “Jacob wuz here”. You’d let me personally tattoo that in “mustache style” with handlebars above your lip right?

Billy: I dunno about that? Money talks, if it makes enough dollars then it may make sense! LOL

A note from Billy: I just want to add something very soon, I will no longer be Billy Gibby. I am having my name changed to Hostgator Dotcom.  So I will be advertising in another unique way.

Want to get a hold of Billy? Heh, excuse me. I meant Mr. Hostgator Dotcom. Email him at

boxingchampak@aol.com and you can follow is tweets at twitter.com/BillyBillboard


  • KIN KADE says:

    gonna suck for him when one of those dot com business goes bust and he’s got a dead link on his face… Wait a minute… It already sucks for him, the dude has weblinks on his face…

  • flashyericc says:

    My girl wants to do Jersey Shore… but I really don’t feel like bein ‘the situation’.. lol

    No masks.. hard to drink with a mask on!! any good ideas??

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