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September 8, 2024 – 12:00 pm | One Comment

Last week, Houston was saddened by the news that Mydolls guitarist and percussionist, Kathy Johnston, had passed away. Our hearts go out to her family, friends, and especially Diana Ray to whom she was married.  …

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The Music Crumudgeon’s preview for the Week of July 18, 2024

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Some Love for The Hates, Elaine Greer, & The Wild Moccasins

Saturday, July 19
The Hates (CD release) , Static Thought , Societies Parasites , The Drafted
@ Fitzdown

The Hates are by now an institution and like any institution it’s easy to take them for granted and with Christian Arhheiter’s Mohawk on his little scooter it’s easy for people to dismiss them as more cartoon than seminal Houston punk band. The band may have no original members beyond Christian these days but the band has continued for thirty years with his punk vision that at times can straddle the line between rockabilly and punk and at others stick to a straight one-two one-two OI OI OI. It’s a great live show and the thing is this is the CD release for 30 Years of Hate which is a welcome chance for you to reevaluate their contribution over all these years , recognize how great this band really is, and make you never underestimate that dude on the scooter driving past you on Richmond. Cheers to you, Christian!

Sunday July 20
The Eastern Sea (EP Release), News On The March, The Wild Moccasins, B., Elaine Greer & The Holly Hall
@ Walters
Austin’s Eastern Sea make some nice folk music but for my money the locals are worth the $7 of the door. News on The March are on an ongoing mission to bridge the gap between Bob Wills and Brain Wilson. The Wild Moccasins can jump between sweet and soft and then turn around and roust the audience into frantic dancing. B.’s name may be simple but they put on one of the most energetic proggy “look at me ma” shows you can see. Elaine Greer with the Holly Hall are always a kick. When the Holly Hall performs her songs it’s expansive like when a well written short story is successfully translated onto the silver screen. Bonus is that, last I spoke with Elaine, the Holly Hall was looking to be more of a collaborative outfit in the realm of songwriting so, given the cast, that will be a treat. Can you tell I’m really excited?


Friday, July 18

Tilly and The Wall / Elaine Greer/The Wild Moccasins
@ The Engine Room
Tilly and Wall return to Houston with their Tap Dancing fueled pop, the new album may include actual drums on about half the tracks but it’s still the same straight ahead pop you’ve come to expect from the band. As if to send you into indie-pop overload, local faves Elaine Greer and The Wild Moccasins (see above) will open so don’t be late.

Georgia’s Horse / Phillip Foshee / Tiziano Dominco
@ Bohemeo’s
A few years ago a little band called Georgia’s Horse was putting out very smart and melodic music. The band broke up but writer/singer, Theresa, continues to peek her head every once in a while as Georgia’s Horse - always a treat. Opening will be ex-bandmate Tiziano. Squeezed in the middle is Phillip Foshee plays some really neat acoustic stuff that should perk your ears if you, like me, love local bands like Buxton and Papermoons.

Bo Diddley Tribute Concert, featuring
Hamilton Loomis & Offspring
@ Last Concert Cafe
OK notice something cool about this press release?
“Blind Pig recording artist Hamilton Loomis pays tribute to his mentor, the legendary Bo Diddley. Loomis will be joined by special guests “Offspring”, which features sons/daughters of Bo Diddley: “Bodetta”, “Tammi Diddley”, and “LittleBo”, from Gainesville FL.” Yes, That’s right Bo Diddly has a daughter who goes by Bodetta! Freaking Awesome!!!!

Broken Teeth/Whorehound
@ Rudyard’s
Get your rock on - Whorehound is playing! Much like bassist Trevi Bile’s famous hot sauces, you may find your head bursting in flames from John The Black’s wicked guitar lines! You have been warned!

Saturday, July 19

The Ends/Something Fierce/Alarma/Sister Devastation
@ Rudyard’s

Austin Punky Pop masters The Ends are a perfect match-up for Something Fierce. Something Fierce is a band so good I almost feel like I’ve run out of ways to say “This band is amazing” or “Why are you not bowing down every day and worshiping their greatness?!!” This show will no doubt be a blast. And yes, how many times do I have to explain this to you - I love Alarma! There is something so bad-ass about April’s vocal style much like the rest of the band where if you break it down it seems like it shouldn’t work but somehow it does - and in spades. Were it not for the Hates show, this show would be right up there in the spotlight.

Hollywood Black (in-store)
@ Cactus Music (6PM)
Free!! Nuf said. Shop and listen at the same time. Plus Beer!

Rotten Piece / Doug Ferguson / A Thousand Cranes
@ Notsuoh
You know the Houston Press Music Awards are always fun but this year something is missing - real representation of the Experimental scene in Houston. That may be a product of Super Happy Funland’s continuing struggle to reopen but, whatever the reason, every year without fail some of the best shows have come from experimental artists. Rotten Piece (playing this show), A Pink Cloud, and Insect Warfare’s infamous set have all made for great shows that were memorable. This year, while the Press has picked some amazing artists in the category, artists from the actual noise/experimental scene are noticeably absent in the nominations. It’s a shame and one that I hope the Houston press will rectify next year. If you want a taste of what I mean check out this show.

Space City Gamelan / Rattletree Marimba
@ The Last Concert Cafe
(This just in) “Space City Gamelan & Rattletree Marimba are coming together for another great show! Join us for an evening of Indonesian & Zimbabwean music.” Thanks for the heads-up Bob. :)

Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlán
@ Brown Theater
Mariachi music makes you happy admit it!!!!!

Sunday July 20

Kam, RX, Bandits, Portugal The Man, and Facing New York
@ the Merdian

Local Rock, Soul, Reggae, umm throw anything in the pot if sounds good songstress Kam is playing - coolness. I haven’t had a chance to really look into the rest of the bands playing this show but Christamonster’s poster is freaking awesome. Loookit!!!!

Monday, July 21

Teeth Mountain/The Super Vacations/Wicked Poseur
@ Boondocks (10PM)

If percussive improv is your idea of a party then Teeth Mountain should make you grab your party hat! The Super Vacations meanwhile channel some serious fucked up 60s low-fi. Local indie rock gods Wicked Poseur will bring their dual guitar assault and smack you around around until you concede their genius.

Tuesday, July 22

Motley Crue, Buckcherry, Papa Roach, Sixx:AM, Trapt
@ Toyota Center
OK, Shout at the Devil is a pretty awesomely trashy metal song that hits all the right notes but is it really worth sitting through Buckcherry and Papa Roach for?

Wednesday, July 23

Luxury Sweets / The McKenzies /Fire Team Charlie
@ Rudyard’s

From the East coast - rock and roll poppers Luxury Sweets will bring enough bubble gum for everyone in the classroom while batting for the home team are the local pop faves the McKenzies who are as awesome as the five minute and 20 second fight scene in They Live between Rowdy Roddy Piper and Keith David!

Thursday, July 24

Lazy Horse/The Misfires/The Mathletes
@ Rudyard’s
Elaine Greer (is she everywhere this week?) joins the The Mathletes as they return…as a four piece? Man is that crazy I’m so used to the ever growing Joe Mathlete orchestra of last year but I’m not complaining as this will be very much like taking in a good chamber ensemble instead of a full symphony. Well, that is if chamber ensembles played songs about robots, asteroids, and Unicorns. Also local rock em sock em bad asses Lazy Horse and The Misfires will follow.

Recession Thursdays,
Southern Backtones, Generation Landslide, Muzak John, & The Sweaters
@ Numbers

Recession Thursdays are our party and so as not to upstage all the other shows I like to devote my Thursday Blog exclusively to its awesomeness. This one will indeed be awesome! It has John Muzak - how could it not?!

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