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Blogging while intoxicated: Goodbye and Good riddance to Rick Casey and Steven Thomson
September 5, 2011 – 4:09 pm | 24 Comments
By Alex Wukman
Houston media is a small, and always getting smaller, community. It’s not uncommon for Free Press Houston, Houston Press and 29-95 writers to share some words and a drink when we run into …

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Featured Blogging while intoxicated: Goodbye and Good riddance to Rick Casey and Steven Thomson
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Happy Shark Week everyone!!!

Submitted by Commandrea on July 31, 2011 – 10:56 pmNo Comment

Leon casino, By Jacob Calle

As of 9pm on 31 July the Shark Week frenzy has begun! Since 27 July of 1988 Discovery Channel has dedicated a full weeks worth of television programs to our favorite chondrichthyes! Yes, that’s right! Sharks! Over 72 countries right now are celebrating this bloody holiday! YouTube Preview Image With Shark Week being the longest running program on cable it’s no wonder that last year’s ratings were at it’s max with 30.8 million viewers.

Andy Samberg has the honor of hosting the week long event in which he will travel to the Bahamas to swim with sharks off the shores of Nassau. When I asked Amber Harris, Diretor of Social Media at Discovery why sharks and why not bears, snakes, tiger, or lions she said, “Sharks are mysterious and awe-inspiring. We are still learning so much, and Shark Week puts the spotlight on them while captivating viewers. ” Which is very true. As of right now it is open to public to watch David Temple, associate curator of paleontology construct a Megalodon jaw at the Natural Science Museum of Houston from 1-4pm each day from August 1st -5th. “These teeth are the largest of any species of shark. The teeth are immensely impressive, but when you can display a matched set of them mounted in a jaw it really puts the animal’s size in perspective,” said Temple.  ”In completing this jaw during a special time of year for shark fanatics, we’re really excited to be able to give visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the process of exhibit preparation.” With teeth like these one would think that sharks are all killers right? There are other sharks that are actually quite harmless to humans. People have a misconception on sharks all being man eaters, but then there are whale sharks, bamboo sharks, the Australian Port Jackson shark, and other benthic dwelling consumers. “I am not a shark expert, but oftentimes there is a perception that they are predatory toward humans. However, only 11 people have been killed by sharks since Shark Week 2010. In that same time period, people killed nearly 70 million sharks. Most attacks are mistaken identity, so it is up to us to educate ourselves. For example, you shouldn’t swim in the ocean at dawn and dusk - when many sharks are feeding. “, says Harris.

Many people celebrate Shark week in many ways. I for one got “Shark Week” tattooed on my foot! Shark Week is a great way of educating the conservation of these large fish! These prehistoric creatures are actually quite harmless if you give them much respect. After all they don’t come onto land and bother you now do they? Harris says, “It’s so great to see passionate Shark Week fans across the country. Our Shark Week Photo Frenzy (CLICK HERE) really highlights the many ways people celebrate this annual holiday. We also recently had a Fan of the Week on our Discovery Channel Facebook page who has watched Shark Week since 1988 and now loves sharks so much that it was the theme of her wedding.

YouTube Preview Image

So there you have it. Shark Week 2011! A week when channel surfing is uncalled for!

Twitter: @SharkWeek

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