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September 8, 2024 – 12:00 pm | One Comment

Last week, Houston was saddened by the news that Mydolls guitarist and percussionist, Kathy Johnston, had passed away. Our hearts go out to her family, friends, and especially Diana Ray to whom she was married.  …

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We’re Literally Working for the Weekend

Submitted by admin on February 25, 2024 – 11:09 amNo Comment

Hey dudes, my internet has been out so I wasn’t able to post here sooner, but hey, I’m here now and that’s what counts. There were some pretty awesome things going down over the past week, the Born Liars in-store at Sound Exchange, the surely awesome IndieHouston house party that I missed and then the “why don’t they do this more often” Ghost Mice show last night at Amy’s Ice Cream. Why are people always complaining that there’s nothing to do?

Maybe it’s off-nights like tonight that have people bored and butthurt. Well, I mean there are things to do, but I guess nothing I’m clamoring to get out to. You’ve got Slipknot and Coheed and Cambria at Verizon. Awesome. Go to that. Have fun. Oh, The Chieftains at Jones Hall?Aye-sea-sea-aye.

Oh, guess what? Slipknot’s at Verizon again! Is everyone saving up for SXSW? Is there going to be a good show drought for a couple of weeks? Oh and find out which of the Aston brothers’ version of Gene Loves Jezebel is playing at The Meridian. And they’re playing with Pale. Is this is the same Pale from like 1997? Someone let me know. Ceeplus is DJing, and we all like that. As usual, there are things going on out in Spring at the Javajazz, not to make this into a contest, but can’t we get some everynight action going on inside the loop?

I’m still sticking with the whole theory that SXSW is causing a late February show drought. See, the bands are probably leaving on tour this weekend or even the next to wind their way down to Texas where, God willing they might just come through Houston. This Friday night sees The Delta Spirit bringing their Northern Soul by way of California to Walter’s with Other Lives and Dawes. I reckon this show will be what waiters at Chinese restaurants in Charing Cross refer to as “lovely”. (true story?) And then remember that time that Arthur Yoria was on the OC? Well, tonight he’s on stage at Rudyard’s! I went over to The Goods’ myspace to check them out, my brain is melting trying to wrap around how their recordings are slick AND lo-fi at the same time. How do you do that? Ouch. They’re playing Notsuoh with Female Demand, Jacob Meador, and Winter Wallace. There’s also Flogging Molly at Verizon. I never got it, yet I know a lot of folks do. But if you’re feeling super adventurous, why not go out to JavaJazz. Thee Armada is playing. I. Triple. Dog. Dare. You. Over at Boondocks they’ve got Boy Boy doing the electro-trance thing. Or just say screw it all and get baked and hit Last Concert for D.R.U.M. (you know you kind of want to.)

Ok, the afternoon is easy McKenzies, Cactus, 2PM. Nothing hard about that. But at night, man, this is rough, see, 80’s metal tribute band Clairvoyant is playing at Mike’s Ultimate Sports Bar in Copperfield tonight, and if you’re way out there for what ever reason I won’t force you to reveal, do it, it’s gonna be great and you know it. There are costumes (mostly). But why lie? Aerosal Warfare (1625 Alabama) is the place to be. It’s the Young Mammals CD Release, man it’s like there’s at least one a week, so I guess I can’t complain too much about show droughts. Woozyhelmet and Buxton sweeten the deal. Man, but over at Rudyard’s it’s Sad Like Crazy! My Education and Exterminating Angels are playing, too. Ugh, and then The Pretenders are at House of Blues, and The Watermarks are playing The Mink with Ladyheat and We Were Wolves. Jeez, you guys were really saving it for Saturday, huh? And I’m not even done yet, you can get your grind on at Numbers with The Juan Maclean, or you can get your grindcore on at the TMMC Clubhouse with 50-50, HRA, N.I.B.I.R.U. and Fan Death. Or go downtown for The Baristas’ CD Release. Man, that name does not rub me the right way, but musically, they have a thing going on, and it’s a thing that I think if encountered in a live setting, could really come across properly. Also playing are Guns of Detroit (I always get my hopes up that it’s going to say “Guns of August”), Charger Fits (is that more coffee shop band-namery?) and Ellypseas. I heard something about a private party at Big Star, but wasn’t excluzzy enough for the deets, maybe you can sneak in! And I’m sure that if you’re “Pitstomper“’s friend you’ll be at his 21st Birthday Bash at Walter’s. Ok, I keep thinking “pit” as in “armpit” and I can’t get the image out of my head.

Sunday is the No Idea Festival at the Art League (1953 Montrose). Seven performers from around the world improvise 3 sets of avant experimental collaboration. Sounds kind of AWESOME to me. And I know this is a traveling event, but how weird is it that we’ve got the “No Idea” Festival and the “Merge” Music Fest and neither one have to do with the record labels of the same name? And the name says it all as Street Dogs pound it out at Warehouse with Flatfoot56, Ashers, and Hell City Kings. Speaking of Hell, there’s hells of metal over at Walter’s.

You can go over to Walter’s and see for yourself that William Elliott Whitmore is actually a white dude. Whoa. The blues sees no color…except, um…blue.

Oooooooh and the Rodeo starts tonight. Ooooooooh. Let’s go get deep fried candy bars and then I’m going to completely Ralph Macchio on the Zero Gravity ride. AND THEN, I’m gonna pet some baby sheeps. And how could a week go by without a Campfire Stories show at the Alvin Bowling Center? Fired for Walking and 500 Megatons of Boogie try for turkeys.

All right, have fun and keep it clean.

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