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Samsara is a Sanskrit word that translates as continuing flow. “We use that title because our film is about the cycle of life,” Mark Magidson, the film’s producer and writer tells Free Press Houston in …

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The Music Crumudgeon’s preview for the Week of July 4th 2024

Submitted by RamonLP4 on July 4, 2024 – 2:01 amNo Comment


1620 Keene St.
1PM - 4AM
Bands end at 10PM.

It’s been an interesting week for promoter Jacob Calle - Andrew WK has already dropped out and more worrisome was that I kept hearing rumblings about the state of the fire-ravaged warehouse. While no official reason has been given for YK canceling, I figured we’d at least look into the condition of the venue and either dispel or confirm the rumors so I made a trip out this morning. I figured “Eh, I’ve already plunked down my $12 so we’ll see huh?” I mean even with Andrew WK saying no, it’s a pretty solid line-up of bands and DJs but if some of the rumors were true, people may want to know. So, I was somewhat surprised at what I saw so I called Eric whose I Heart You Productions had been asked to do two tasks in this event - sell tickets on-line and manage the show as it took place (man the door and stuff like that). Clearly he got more than he bargained for. The story goes that the owner had insurance and said he’d have a roof in place by now but one thing is what the property owner had hoped for and another is reality. Thus, Eric and posse spent two days this week cleaning up the place. Given what he signed up for, I think that’s pretty admirable.

What the pictures show below is a tidied up shell of a building that caught fire months ago. Eric tells me that today and tomorrow they will be working hard - adding a tarp (to keep you dry should it rain), building a stage (the bands will appreciate that), and lastly bringing in a generator that will power the whole endeavor. Eric said he’ll send me pictures when they add the tarp and the stage so you can see how things are moving along. Here, as a preview, are some pictures I took. I have a few more posted on my Flickr (link).

The burned out but recently cleaned-up
Keene St. warehouse
on the morning of July 4th
A tarp, stage, and generator
are to be in place by tomorrow

So there you have it. Given the line-up, it should be pretty fun and as Eric puts it “The way to look at this as a glorified kegger in someone’s house.” Wooo! Kegger! See you there tomorrow.


Friday, July 4

This Moment In Black History/Black Congress/Camp X-Ray/The Monocles/Thieves Like Us
@ Walter’s on Washington
Man what a way to celebrate the birth of our country but with some fucked up shit from Cleveland. TMIBH are a noisy chaos of freaky energy - funny, weird, and certified “what the fuck” in all the right ways. As for local super-group Black Congress, you know the score - local manly men playing hard, loud, and sweaty. The Monocles play garage by taking the garage and beating it over your head until you hand over all your beer and dope - gawddang!! Thieves Like Us clearly are a band that bought that Joy Division boxed set that came out a while back. I wonder if the bassists slings his bass as low as Peter Hook? God Bless America!

Geto Boys
@ Warehouse Live
Do I even have to write anything about these guys? Really, I mean these guys are so iconic that they can do a song about cereal and get away with it! You try to pull that off! But more importantly this is the group that settled the question that had long plagued theoretical physicists for decades as to the maximum velocity attainable by “real gangsta-ass niggas”. God Bless America!

Dethklok/Chimaira/Soilent Green
@ The Meridian
You! The guys smoking a bowl and watching adult swim. First, “Don’t put Marbles in Your Nose!” and second, dig creator Brendon Small as he gets his metal geek on! A friend of mine said she was going and I couldn’t help but be totally jealous. God Bless America!

Mike and The Moonpies, Jonathan Terrell, Stephen Reynolds Band, Whiskey River Revival, Dead End Cowboys, Texas Contraband, The Trian Woodburns, John Garza Jr., Wolf Explosion, Leo Rondeau, & more
@ Fitzgerald’s
Ok I get the Free. That’s cool. I get the Country/Rootsy bands. That’s awesome. You can see the downtown fireworks with drinks, snacks and snow cones! Ok coolness! But here’s what I don’t get - kid friendly parking lot. “Hey Kids go play in a parking lot!” OK, I’m sure it’s roped-off but it just sounds weird. Should be cool. Oh, and God Bless America!

Freedom Over Texas
@ Elanor Tinsley Park
OK, yes it’s the lamest music of all the music options I’ve listed thus far but….It’s about the fireworks dummy! God Bless America!

Mission Control, featuring Mic Skills & DJ Remix
@ The Backroom (The Mink)
DJ, dancing, booze, God Bless America!

Saturday, July 5

500 Megatons of Boogie/ The Jonx / Together We Are Instruments
@ Rudyard’s
Well I raved about the triple powerhouse of the Jonx on Thursday. Well 500 Megatons of Boogies are kind of like The Jonx’s oddball older brothers. They sport the same odd time signatures and energy sure but you can’t help but wonder, “Hmm If I asked them to play that in Fortran would they do it?” TWAI is a damn cool collective of improvised loops, electronics, and god knows what! Very cool experimental stuff so I suggest you arrive early to see them.

Charlie Wilson & the Gap Band @ Arena Theatre
Charlie Wilson will indeed drop the bomb on you!

Willie Nelson’s Family Picnic, featuring
Merle Haggard, Ray Price, Los Lonely Boys, Asleep at the Wheel, David Allan Coe, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Billy Joe Shaver, & Johnny Bush
@ Sam Houston Race Park
Willie’s family Picnic! Woooo!

Sunday, July 6

Vans Warped Tour @Sam Houston Race Park
You know Van Warped Tour just makes me wonder…why didn’t bungee Kyacking take-off as an extreme sport?

Sabra Laval/Warren Jackson Hearne/Cory Derden/Sew What
@ Notsuoh

You know how it works - Sabra plays quiet lovely folk and you go see it.

RTX/Imaad Wasif
@ The Backroom (The Mink; 8PM)
Jennifer Herrema’s half of what was the Royal Trux. Straight-up scummy rock and roll is the order of the day with RTX. Opener Wasif I think seems the more interesting of the two. Not sure yet if I’m enamored by the songwriting or the production on his new album. Like on that song Oceanic at about two and a half minutes where that guitar hits the melody that plays off that low burping note. Man, that is a great guitar tone!

Monday, July 7th

Gravy Train / Bridez @ Walter’s On Washington
Attention Handstamp’s Sara Cress. Keyboards and irony…I think I found your show! Bring your skinny jeans!

Burning Brides / Middle Class Rut/Fired For Walking
@ Rudyard’s
Fired for rocking!

Suzi Trash / Black Black Gold
@ Boondocks
Black Black Gold are inspired by that 60’s International Artists psychedelia and their inspiration leads them to some pretty cool territory. Suzi Trash sounds like every teenager’s 4-track-demo made in their garage - sloppy, slightly inept, and yet horribly charming.

Tuesday, July 8th

Harry and The Potters w/ Fishboy, Math The Band, Uncle Monsterface
@ Walter’s On Washington
Attention Gie Gie! Fishboy is playing! You know what that means! QUATTRO!!!!!!

The Umbrella Man @ The Continental Club
They play weekly so it’s easy to take for granted but do note that they rock.

Beppe Gambetta @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck
Un Italiano que fare la musica folklorica degli stati uniti. Non so se tutto e’ buono ma giocca la chitarra bellissimo.

Wednesday, July 9

Sex Vid/No Talk
@ Sound Exchange
(8PM; free, but donations encouraged)

Beau Beasely’s post-Insect Warfare band
has a lot of people pretty excited. The band kick it old school - we’re talking early 80’s punk rock hardcore. You think that poster is a Really Red reference? Hmmm. Regardless expect a bunch of homo-erotic shirtless brotha’s getting all sweaty and bumping into each other. And if that isn’t enough there’s
Seattle’s Sex Vid. Ok maybe instead of explaining Sex Vid I’ll just let this video from a house party in Olympia do the talking.

YouTube Preview Image

Gifts From Enola / Maps / Antarctica Starts Here
@ Walter’s on Washington
This is the mellow pill to counter the Sound Exchange show. Antarctica Starts Here are my favorite local shoegazer band - echoes of chiming guitars and atmospheric vocals. It’s a great pairing with Virginia’s Gift from Enola which have the same inspiration. Load up the car, load up the bong, and go!

Sleep State /Tambersauro / Geraldo! / Stove Blow
@the white swan
Take this pill if you aren’t ready to come down after the Sound Exchange show and want more manic music. Missouri’s Sleep State will keep your nerves on edge and manic time changes and inane energy can be summed up in one word - Tambersauro! Man Tambersauro are great. If you want to get your math rock on - they are your band!

Thursday, July 10 -

Peter Murphy/Ali Eskandarian @ The Meridian
Get out your trenchcoats kids, it’s summer!! Eh, as great as Bauhaus was, I never much cared for his solo stuff though he did do a decent job on a Pere Ubu cover.

Recession Thursday’s Featuring
Studemont Project / Wicked Poseur / Wolves at the Door / Trusty Tape Recorder
@ Numbers
Our weekly showcase. We’ll have more details on our Thursday Blog in super special Hype-O-Rama. I will say though that Wicked Poseur are indeed a wicked live band!

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