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The good thing about video is it is harder to mis-spell shit.
Free Press TV has arrived and brought friends. Join us as we interview Mayor Annise Parker, go to the gun show, visit with Arthur …

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Seeya later SXSW!

Submitted by Editor on March 19, 2024 – 9:27 pmNo Comment

By Jacob Calle
Millions traveled from all over the world to Austin, TX for SXSW. It be film, interactive, or music, we all had an excuse to be there. I had three.

I was hired to be a promotor for Americans Elect. It bottles down to picking a president and not a party. AE is a non-partisan organization hosting the 1st national online presidential primary. It was great to be apart of this panel. Who says politics can’t be a part of SXSW!?! Great people and was an honor to work with them. To learn more about AE log on to AMERICANS ELECT.

My new friends at Americans Elect

STOP THE FIGHTING! Republicans VS Democratics! As a promotor for AE we dressed up in the animal suits that were designed by the same person who designs Cirque Du Soleil costumes. We even crashed the 21 Jump Street world premiere. We fought all over Austin till we were black and blue.

Flash mob fights around downtown. I was the donkey.

Still healing from the "brawlitic" fights. My elbows are as good as dead.

Jonah Hill walking down the red carpet for 21 Jump Street world premiere at the Paramount Theater.

Yeh, we saw Third Eye Blind. So what they're a rad alternative band. How many units did you sell? Thought so.

Sitting in at the Mark Mothersbaugh panel was amazing! It was a discussion about his music career in films. A video was played showing his previous works from Pee Wee’s Playhouse to Rugrats. Wes Anderson even had a large explantion on Devo’s lead singer Mark’s musical talent on why he chooses him to soundtrack his movies. Very inspirational. A very memorable experience that I’ll never forget.

Conversation with Mothersbaugh of Devo.

Meeting Judd Apatow was the apex of my life. I was so thrilled to meet him. For those who don’t know who he is,he is a screen writer for amazing movies. Take a pick in the past 10 year’s most funniest movies. I’m pretty sure on the list is Super Bad, Pineapple Express, 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Talladega Nights, and Funny People are on the list. Yeh, that’s Judd. He was in town to discuss his new project as a producer. Not only Judd, but the creator, director, actress, Lena Dunham, and the whole staff! The panel was open to Q&A. It felt nice representing FPH asking a question. The show will air on HBO in April.
I’m excited for it. If I’m correct Judd hasn’t worked on a tv series since Freaks and Geeks. This show is going to be brilliant. Trust me.

Meeting Judd was the highlight of my stay at SXSW.

People pay hundreds of dollars to see Norah Jones play live. Thanks to Waterloo Records she played for free with her side band The Little Willies. After her set she did a meet and greet. Something that doesn’t happen at her shows. Only at SXSW my friends.

Props to Waterloo Records.

Diane Birch played a slew of shows promoting her new upcoming album. Her gothic influences have come out of the closet. She was the only musician that I interviewed this year. And I guess if I had to pick one it’d been her.

Diane Birch

Seeing AU at this ratty punk rock co-op was equivalent to seeing shows at the Indie Houston house. AU plays orchestrated chaotic mess that can only be described as the eye of the hurricane for music.

AU at House of Commons

AU's newest member, Holland

Art punk seems to be like a good genre title for AU. Holland is the latest addition to the band. She plays the clarinet which she channels through a Line 6 and creates a one man orchestra with her instrument. This is the beauty of SXSW. Learning about other bands. She has a solo project called LIKE A VILLIAN. Imagine Tune-Yards, but louder. The girl’s got some pipes.

Chelsea and AU.

Of course Andrew WK is hiding from the audience behind a bunch of crap while the presenter calls him up on stage!

Some of the amazing shows that happen at SXSW. Andrew WK, Grimes, Dan Deacon...the list goes on. Only at SXSW.

The Drums playing their new Portamento album.

Gardens and Villa playing at the SO TERIK showcase. Great set. Rad dude. Who else places their flutes in a quill case like Robin Hood?

Glen Hansard

The perks of SXSW is that you run into amazing people on a daily basis. Here’s Glen Hansard. He is from the movie Once. Great musician from across the big pond.

And you also get to run into Jedi folks like Sean Carlson (Fuck Yeah Fest) and Graham Williams (Fun Fun Fun Fest). The dudes that bring you rad festivals such as SXSW's MESS WITH TEXAS!

Show em'!!!

Most street performers put out hats for tips. Here's a werewolf on a street corner without any hat or case for tips. Just jammin' out without a cause.

This is why Austin is weird. Black King Tut chillin' at I-Hop.

I take that back. This is why Austin is weird. Huge Dorito's vending machine stage. WOW!

Eff yo rules! Uncle Norbort told me to box! Now I'm gonna box!

Party time!!!!!

This was Chelsea’s first time to attend SXSW. Great weekend. Saw AU twice. Diane Birch 3 times. Again, SXSW, the only place where you can see your favorite artists 5 times in one day. Seeya next year!

Side notes: Craig Hlavaty I hlate hlyou hlfor hlnot hletting hlme hlknow hlabout DONOVAN hlplaying! You said you couldn’t find any words on his performance on the Internet. Well there you go. you just found it.

Big thanks to SXSHHH for posting up all the parties.

Things I wish I could have seen, but didn’t: DONOVAN, MTV Woodie Awards, Frankie Rose, Counting Crows, more Andrew WK shows, Braid, Hot Water Music, Steve Aoki, and Vice Party.

Things that I wish I didn’t do: Smashing my screen on my Iphone while doing a donkey kick in the Americans Elect donkey suit.

Funniest thing I witnessed at SXSW: My girlfriend doesn’t know who Of Montreal is. She had been waiting to see them play and after complaining about the shitty band on stage performing I had to tell her that she was in fact watching Of Montreal.

What I thought I saw: Blackie, but as he came closer into view it was just a dirty white dude.

What rumor Cedric Bixler of At The Drive tweeted about SXSW: “Dude! Steven Hawkings is rolling around 6th street wearing a Daft Punk mask!”

What I missed: James Franco’s panel on his new series “Undergrads”. He ended up missing his flight and couldn’t make it to Texas.

What I overheard: We don’t have badges so we had to pay our dues to get in.” Eeesh, wonder what she had to do?

What I did to recoop from being in Austin from March 9th- March 17th!!!!


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