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September 8, 2024 – 12:00 pm | One Comment

Last week, Houston was saddened by the news that Mydolls guitarist and percussionist, Kathy Johnston, had passed away. Our hearts go out to her family, friends, and especially Diana Ray to whom she was married.  …

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Your friend, Andrew WK

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Andrew WK: A social gathering or entertainment of a celebration.

By Jacob Calle

In 2024 when Andrew WK (born Andrew Wilkes-Krier) partied at the Engine Room I knew that there was something special about him. After the show my friend Eric English and I had the opportunity to meet this soon-to-be party king. During our conversation with Andrew Eric had told him that he lost his still camera in the crowd. “That’s a bummer, Eric. How much did it cost?” “$300.”, Eric said. A few moments later Andrew excused himself and said he’d be right back. Shortly after Andrew came back as he said, but with a white envelope. “Here you go. I hope this buys you a new camera.” says Andrew while still trying to catch his breath from his huge performance on stage. Eric opened the envelope and there were 15 twenty dollar bills.

This is no random act of kindness to Andrew. From what I hear he does things like this all the time! Tom Hanks might be the nicest guy in Hollywood, but Andrew just might the nicest guy in rock n’ roll. And no one can take that away.

That he is a nice dude and if you are feeling down and out just go to Andrew’s twitter (@AndrewWK) where he renders positive quotes that will help you through the day. “There’s no such thing as a “Fan of Andrew W.K.” There are only “FRIENDS of Andrew W.K.”. I don’t have fans, I have friends.”  Andrew twitters party tips for you to take and do what you want with. Here is a list of some of his “Party Tips” that can be found on his Twitter.

-The only real failure in life is not following your heart. That and not partying.
-Somewhere in the world, something awesome is happening, and that’s reason enough to PARTY RIGHT NOW!
-Call your friend and tell them I said hi!
-Music is what feelings sound like.
-Give somebody a high-five, even if it’s yourself!
-Think about what you love. Forget about what you hate.

As of late Andrew is what is known as a jack-of-all-trades. He’s a motivational speaker. He is a philosopher, where he has done lectures at Yale, NYU, and more. He has his own TV reality game show called “Destroy
Build Destroy” on Cartoon Network, produced Lee “Scratch” Perry’s album “Repentance” who created raggae and dub. He also owns a nightclub in downtown Manhatten called Santo’s Party House which is where he and his wife Cherie Lily who is a houserobics dance instructor got married. And now you can find this modern day renaissance man headlining this summer’s Van’s Warped Tour.

It makes perfect sense that WK will be headlining this tour, because who better else can end the night with the biggest party! Andrew WK himself invites you to come out to The Showgrounds at Sam Houston Race Park and party as if you are celebrating the time you got an A on your report card, your first kiss, the first time you ate pizza while skateboarding, the first time you heard rockn’roll, the first time you broke a bone in your body, and the time that your parents went out of town and you had that big party all at the same time! In words of Andrew WK, “All truth in one word: PARTY. All philosophy in two words: PARTY HARD. All wisdom in three words: PARTY EVEN HARDER.

I hear you are headlining this year’s Warped Tour. What will you do in order to take upon the responsibilty to end each night with the ultimate party.

We’ve done Warped Tour before in 2024. It was a huge expeprience and a life changing experience. Warped Tour provided a very unique atmosphere and to be coming back into that with 7 yrs of experience in entertainment I am more excited and more pumped to blow the roof off the place in every way. The best part what I learned the first time I did Warped Tour was hanging out in the crowd. It was the most fun besides playing the actual show. You get to entertact and hangout with people. Warped Tour is so loving. Such a good vibe in the air. As if it were made for Andrew WK. We built this huge circus tent. The first Warped Tour we were selling our t-shirts in 6×6 foot booth. Now we have a 40×20 foot circus tent that we’re setting up to be the party
house where people can hangout with me if they want. That to me is what it’s about, making yourself available. To party with people.

So as you say it will be the party house, will this circus tent be a portable Santo’s Party House?

I am very inspired by the New York night club with Santo’s Party House in New York City. Santo’s is a nightclub so it is very dark with lights. Warped Tour will be during the day so it will have a daytime vibe like barbuqueing.

I’m not sure if you could isolate music inside the tent due to all the stages playing. It would be like a cacophony of laughter, shouting, sound, and music. so we’ll just let that be our soundtrack.

Jacob: You’ve conducted an experiment about people drinking your vomit for $500. How would one go about drinking the ultimate party energizer drink? Is this taking place during Warped Tour?

Andrew: Right now we are in research stage with this. The responses are overwhelming. My manager has been getting emails everyday from people that want to do it. Having people step up and say they are willing to do this is
great so the next step is to make sure that this is safe and that no one can not get sick from this. Make sure you can not get infections with this and that people can not truely risk their health by doing this. Then the next step is to find these people that will really go through with this. To be excited and say you want to do this is one thing, but are they really going to go through with this. It takes a certain person to do this so we have to screen the potential candidates. I think it’s going to take some time. It is going to happen and it is going to be very very intense.

Jacob: Well hey man, you can count me in!

Andrew: Yeah it’d be huge for you, but you’ve done stuff I’m sure that is more intense than this. It’s going to be an intimate thing. Puke is the worst one well…besides shit. Would you rather eat someone’s feces or vomit?

Jacob: Probably vomit. Hands down.

Andrew: Still it’s unbelievably terrible. It’s so interesting that it smells so bad. I think it’s the body’s way of saying don’t eat this. But for some reason dogs did not inherate this evolutionary trait to not eat puke and feces. They just love it! They can’t get enough of it! They do it with such enthusiasm it’s as if it’s a rare treat. They eat their own! There’s this amazing idea. You can feed a dog one time and it will just recycle it over and over again! And if people still want to go through this then it will be a an unforgetable life experience that’s for sure.

Jacob: I understand that you are the Party King, but how do you find time to do SXSW, your TV show along with other tv appearances such as hosting the metal awards on VH1, operate Santo’s Party House, motivational speaker, spend time with your wife Cherie Lily, and now every single date on Warped Tour. Do you ever stop and say “Whoa, I need to sit down!”

Andrew: Well you would be aware of this because you have pushed yourself to a very unusual life. Once you’ve pushed passed your limitations you expand your capacity to do more. If someone ten years ago told me what I’d
be doing now I’d pass out. Not because I wouldn’t be excited about all the adventures, but the work load is impossible. Of course over ten years you build your capacity like an athlete to lift a certain weight or run a faster speed. That is the great thing about human beings because we can increase our abilities.

Warped Tour will be the first tour for your full band. Will this add to the party since you have not performed with a full backing band in 5 years? Why now?

Andrew: We we’re holding off on a tour as a full band till we had a brand new album. When the opportunity came it seemed like destiny. We had to jump on it while it was there. We’ve played SXSW, NY, upstate NY, and LA. The full band is ready. Better than we’ve ever been. All the experience with me performing by myself, tv, lecturing, motivational speaking, and everything else that I have done. It has all made me better to perform better with the band. I appreciate it more. I really value these guys. If it wasn’t for this band a lot of this would not have happened the way it has.

Jacob: From my understanding “55 Cadillac” is an improved recorded record? Could this possibly be the ultimate party cd?

Andrew: I really like the feeling of the unknown. When I play something and make it up as I go along I don’t know what’s going to happen next as much as the person listening. Even when I listen back it’s like hearing it for the first
time. There are sacrifices. I definately could do more impressive things if I sit down and work on it for many many days, but there is something scary and filling about jumping off that cliff and saying “I’m going to play what ever
I’m going to play weather it’s good or bad.”

Jacob: If one were to find you roaming your home streets of NY on your day off of partying and decided to follow you around for the day what would they see you be doing?

Andrew: I love walking around New York. I’ll walk around Time Square or stand on a corner and watch people. There are a row of restaurants on 8th Avenue. Hit up all the restaurants. You dont even have to eat a full meal. Just one from each. You can get one Castle burger, one slice of pizza, one hot dog, one biscuit, one cookie, one taco. You can really enjoy that.

Andrew and his beloved wife Cherie Lily

Jacob: Your “Party Tips” on Twitter are pretty much a nail to the head. In other words, well said. Tell me about these “Party Tips” and how could one take these tips and use them towards their advantage.

Andrew: I wouldn’t be able to be one on one with these people in person. There’s no way I could travel across the world to Japan or to Germany in ten minutes. So the ability to enteract and to party all around the world all the time I feel that this was made for me. And Twitter is an amazing example for that. To me it was designed for partying. It was designed for Andrew WK. My hope is that someone sees something on there that gets them some kind of
charge for the day. Something that gives them something to think about or to take them some place or takes them away from someplace where they do not want to be. I just hope that I can give something that they can think about. Even if they don’t agree with them. Maybe they can get a new point of view from it. I like that feeling that we are going through something together. It’s me and a group of friends and we are living life together.

Jacob: Do you ever listen to your music and wish you could be The Party King, but then you realize “Wait a sec! I am Andrew WK! I am The Party King!”.

Andrew: I am very grateful and very amazed that I get to do this. I feel that this is something that I am doing and not nessessarily something that I am. I dont think of it as a character, a job, or idea. I think of it as something that I was meant to do. I think about where I came from and what could have
happened in life and I ended up doing this. Your inspiration, motivation, and continue to push and I don’t want to ever lose that.

Jacob: People enjoy having themed parties. Dead celebrities, the egos of Lady Gaga, or even the old fashion Superhero themed party. If you were to have your own theme party would would it be?

Andrew: I would like to have a theme party where everybody has to present their selves in a stlye of clothes where they would least imagine otherwise. You’d have to go against your taste or your personal style and do the opposite of it or some extreme variation of it. Be honest and do it earnestly. Don’t dress up as a doctor or a 50’s person or some other decade. Identify a fashion senseibility that you specifically have not liked or a style that you swore that you would never wear and do it.

Jacob: In your two songs “Party Hard” and “Long Live the Party” you shout out the word “party” more than 30 times in each song. That’s pretty excessive. Right now how many times can you say the word “party” in one sentence?

Andrew: To say the word “party” alot of times in a sentence like party, party, party, party, party, party, party, party, party; you could do it just repeating the word party over and over, but to say the word with out saying any other
word in a sentence, or explaining about a party, what a party is, or why you should party, or why you should say the word party would seem like cheating, so i would want the the word party be used in some kind of actual sentence with other words and ideas and it doesnt even have to about a party, but i would want it to something like that. I was trying to make one run-on sentence, but I’m sure there were some periods in there.


  • seriously says:

    does anybody spell check around there?


  • admin says:

    You’d think that the grammar nazi would at least capitalize the beginning of his sentences. Plus, I know that the subject and verb are implied in your second sentence but then again you probably shouldn’t be taking that kind of literary license when you’re complaining about our grammar.

  • cool man says:

    I never thought Andrew W.K would be so down to earth and nice. From this day on, I will try to be a bit more like Andrew W.K.

  • brinnlitz says:

    spell check = grammar?

  • admin says:

    No, I just thought that you’d be more fastidious in your writing if you were talking about editing.

  • brinnlitz says:

    BTW that wasn’t me who wrote the 1st comment. just sayin’.

  • admin says:

    I just like picking fights with people. It’s fun ha.

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