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Blogging while intoxicated: Goodbye and Good riddance to Rick Casey and Steven Thomson
September 5, 2024 – 4:09 pm | 24 Comments

By Alex Wukman
Houston media is a small, and always getting smaller, community. It’s not uncommon for Free Press Houston, Houston Press and 29-95 writers to share some words and a drink when we run into …

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Featured Blogging while intoxicated: Goodbye and Good riddance to Rick Casey and Steven Thomson
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Submitted by RamonLP4 on August 1, 2024 – 1:00 amOne Comment

Thunderkunt is (l to r) Lara, Jeri (smoking), Dick, Rob, and Davie. (Photo RamonLP4)

“Thunderkunt is the sound my vagina makes when my boyfriend pulls out! It is a very thunderous, scary sound.”  - Lara Catalani

Thunderkunt really isn’t a band; it’s a fucked-up version of Voltron with five individuals uniting to form a powerful destructive force of raucous, irreverent, and ass-whoopin’ Rock and Roll.    On vocals, the walking angst-filled time bomb - Jeri Huston. On guitar and the band’s graphic designer, Davie Graves who managed to not only piss off cops at their debut show at Fitzgerald’s but he did so by drunkenly pissing on their unmarked car.  Also on guitar, Lara Catalani who dons a meowing cat hat and does time playing gypsy tunes with Geoffrey Muller and Valery Pinchuk as Trio Musette.  On drums, Dick Beeman who’s not only fodder of many a Dick joke but also a member of the comedy team, The Straight Guys.  And on bass, Rob McCarthy who looks like an extra in Dazed and Confused and also plays with Dick in the doom metal band From Beyond. Rock & Roll was never meant to be acceptable and Thunderkunt clearly are doing everything in their power to keep it that way.

FPH – How did the band start?

Rob - Davey and I wanted something more punk and originally, it was supposed to be this 3-piece then…

Lara - …then they realized they couldn’t get anywhere without girls in their band.

Jeri –Davey’s problem is, “I’ll never be in a band with my girlfriend!”  Well, now he’s in a band with his girlfriend and his ex-girlfriend…but, yeah, they didn’t know what the hell they were doing until we came in. 

FPH – What were they doing wrong?

Rob - We weren’t doing anything!   That’s what we were doing wrong!  We would just talk but once they came in, it started happening.

Jeri - When Davie told me they wanted to do this punk thing, I was like “Dude, I really wanna sing!” I already had a lot of stuff written and a lot of anger to get out.  I need to be angry!  This is my destiny; all my anger had to come out right now for this Tunderkunt thing to happen.  I let it all out and say, “Hey! Fuck You! Fuck You! Fuck You!”  Every song that has been written is like a bad omen.

Rob - The entire point of this band is for this to be one metaphoric prophecy for Jeri.  It’s all Jeri’s dream and we just hope she never wakes up because then what happens to existence?

Jeri -  But watch, one day I’m going to be happy and you guys won’t know what to do?  You guys are going to become sad when I become happy.

Lara - It’ll make hell look like a ski resort.

Jeri - I’ll tell you one thing, being in a band with 2 girls whose periods have synced up and who used to live together is a lot to ask.

FPH – Who’s the main songwriter?

Lara - Nobody has the head title of songwriter in the end everyone gets to do what they want to do.

Jeri - It’s like a patchwork quilt.

Dick (laughing) - We also have a Thunderkunt algorithm.  We put dirty words into it and it spits out verses.

FPH – Are there any ideas that just fell flat?

Dick - Lara wanted to do a Polka part…

Lara - Hey, that part was good!

Davie - I have a song we recorded that everybody hates…

Jeri - Nobody hates it.  It’s just not cunt enough.  It just needs to be cunted up.

FPH – You guys like the word cunt a lot.

Lara - We like to put cunt in front of everything.  Cunt-nundrum.  Cunt – nection.  To be cunt-inued.  Davie does Cunt-try blues. Yeah, that’s right, Davie pulled off of us too.  Everyone sucks from the tit of Thunderkunt.

FPH- Is there anything Thunderkunt would never ever do?

Davie - We wouldn’t let someone else write our songs for us.

FPH – So you wouldn’t Hanna Montana it with your own Disney show?

Dick – Hey, you come to me the day Disney has a show called “Thunderkunt!”

Jeri - They’d go PG, they’d call it Thundercoochie because they aren’t allowed to say cunt.

Lara - My mom won’t say cunt. She’ll say “It’s Thoooonder kooooont!” She’s big on the umlauts.

FPH – Oh man, I never thought about being the parent of a Thunderkunt.  How is that?

Lara - My mom is a proud parent of a Thunderkunt – she has a t-shirt and has a Thunderkunt sticker on her bumper.

Rob – Wow, my parents are supportive but that’s impressive. That’s actually our base of support.  We’re every mom’s secret pleasure because there’s a Thunderkunt in every mom.

Jeri - Fuck my mom, she’s a cunt.  She’s a stupid bitch.  She is a horrible fucking evil woman and I know because I wrote this song about her.   There are times where I’m like “I love my mom but I’m still going to keep this song because she inspired a great song.”  No, fuck her!  She inspired a great song because she is a cunt bitch.


Jeri - She can suck one until she gets therapy!  My mom and I have a lot of ups and down but that’s where a lot of my inspiration comes from. I love my mom and I wish her the best but I kind of don’t want it to go away.  Like I don’t want it to get better because it is what it is and that’s what’s good for me.

FPH – You guys have a new EP coming out soon, right?

Lara - Spaced Out, on Home Skool Rekordz.   [Label chief, Bubba Hightower] is the godsend asshole we always needed.

Jeri - We put them together so it’s got a lot of heart.  Davey does all the artwork and we usually have posters with the CD.  We’ll even sign them, kiss them, and come on them.  Hell, I’ll put my panties in there because you know there are creepsters out there who will buy that.

Dick - You should because in Japan there are vending machines that sell dirty panties.  We could make a killing!

Thunderkunt perform August 12th at “Dharmageddon” @ Fitzgerald’s with B L A C K I E, Roky Moon & BOLT, Fat Tony, Tyagaraja, ListenListen, Tax The Wolf, Come See My Dead Person, Young Girls, Chase Hamblin. All Ages $10 - $12

One Comment »

  • neyana says:

    Jeri, Lara, Davie!
    I am super happy for you guys!
    I remember Jeri telling me about you guys doing this and its really taken off! You guys are fuckin badass! I love this news peice by the way. Hilarious. It actually made me laugh out loud. I hope you guys get more and more press dude everybody needs to know about this band!
    Everyone needs some thunderkunt in their lives! Lol
    Love you guys. Wish yall nothing but prosperity and happiness.
    Well, appropriate happiness. anger is kinda the gas for this vehicle. lol.

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