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Well,  Say what you want about the Hell City Kings but damn if they don’t know how to promote a record release …

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Submitted by RamonLP4 on September 4, 2008 – 9:10 pmNo Comment

The McKenzies, Paris Falls, and Giant Princess are playing a show this weekend that benefits Indie Houston Org. I got a little curious as to what IH was all about so I contacted IH’s Robert Delossantos to find out.

FPH: So, the show looks pretty great this weekend. That got me wondering - what’s Indie Houston?

Robert: This is basically a first of many shows that we want to put together. Indiehouston.org is an organization me and a friend are attempting to create to promote local artists around Houston. I want to get as many creative people as possible to promote shows.

FPH: Well, how do you plan on doing this?

Robert: Starting out, I knew that this would need multiple heads on this. What I want to do is get as many people to promote this scene we have and we’re recruiting more and more people everyday to help promote a lot of different things. There are so many people -talented people that want to contribute something to this city, but they don’t really know how or have any direction - graphic designers, musicians, artist, theater kids…

I have been a fan of most of these local artists since The Groceries and Impossibles reigned at Fitz. I go to a lot of shows, I see a lot of really die hard fans – I’m one of them – and I think the problem is we need to get in touch with more of those 3 million people in Houston. We’re so scattered everywhere and many people don’t even know what the Free Press is. I talked to this girl the other day - she’s someone I respect with a really good head on her shoulders - but she told me when I invited her to this show “Oh I don’t listen to anything that’s not mainstream.” What? A lot of people in Houston have that mentality or maybe just haven’t been properly exposed.

FPH: Why do 3 million people matter?

Robert: Because the bands and the artists matter. Because I want to see those bands tour. Because I want to see that glory at the end of the tunnel for the Wild Moccasins and the McKenzies. I don’t want them to quit in 4 years because they have to pay rent.

I believe that if people in the 200 range or more show up [to shows] then we’d see more venues and we’d see more bands following them. I’m not saying that indiehouston.org is going to revolutionize Houston’s local artists but I do believe that we can help improve the sort of participation in the community.

For instance, I bought a camera recently. We just met a photographer who would love to go with us to shows and take pictures -he’s using our camera now. All he wants is something interesting to work on. A graphic designer wants to make fliers for as many projects that we give him. A film maker will maybe want to record a music video.

FPH: So are you trying to be the meeting point for all these people?

Robert: We do, and I aim to push that as far as I can. Indiehouston.org is already getting bands contacting us from around the nation. They don’t know who to contact to book a show. I know a name like indiehouston.org will let another really good band know he’s not going to end up on 45 and Tidwell if he wants to book a show.

What I want to do is bring a lot of different talents together and put on really good shows around Houston - turning a place like Late Nite Pie, who has never really put on a show before, into one more place we can go to see something great.

FPH: Let’s say I’m a band and I want to join. What’s expected of me and what should I expect of y’all?

Robert: That we’re going to actually promote the show in every way possible. Of course, I expect the bands to do all they can to promote the show but I don’t expect them to think they are alone in this. Bust your ass for your show but work together with everyone that you can. Free press does a great job. Skyline - hell yeah. Space City Rock - of course. Let’s welcome indiehouston.org; maybe we can help too.

Indie Houston on myspace (Link)
IndieHouston.Org (Link)

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